Photos, from top: Euston Hall, Houghton, Castle Howard, Corsham Court.
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Calendar of Events

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Tuesday, January 24, 10:45 am
Winter Antiques Show and Luncheon
Park Avenue Armory, Park Avenue at 67th Street

Tour the galleries and then enjoy a private luncheon in one of the special rooms.

$135 per person
(See Reservation Form for payment options)

Spaces are limited—book early!

Thursday, February 16, 6:30 pm
Elizabeth Jamieson: The Country House
Lecture and Reception
The Colonial Dames of America, 417 East 61st Street

Horse-drawn carriages were the dominant form of transport for England’s polite society for over two hundred years. The British carriage also had a major impact on the design and planning of country houses and their surrounding landscapes. Now no longer visible, it is easy to forget how important they were in Britain and America, both in terms of their use and of their symbolic significance. Drawing on primary research and empirical evidence, this talk will assess the practicalities of horse-drawn transport during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and examine the way such objects facilitated the lifestyles of their owners.

Elizabeth Jamieson is an independent researcher and furniture historian, and is the External Advisor to the National Trust on Carriages.

$45 for members
$20 for American Young Georgians
$55 for non-members
(See Reservation Form for payment options)

Antique Shop & Gallery visit with David M. Wood:
Lerebours Antiques & De Gournay

Date/time/meeting location to be announced

Join AFGG Vice President David M. Wood for an evening visit to two select Manhattan showrooms:

Regency style rosewood writing table, saber legs on gilded paw feet. English, Late 19th Century.Lerebours Antiques
220 East 60th Street
Founded by Cathy Lerebours, Lerebours Antiques carries a veritable wealth of Continental and English antiques on 60th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues – an area loosely known as “antiques alley.” Georgian interiors often included pieces from the Continent. “I am a complete and absolute Europhile,” Cathy admits. Frequent trips to the Continent feed her passion.

'Abbotsford’ design on Ice Blue India tea paper.De Gournay
243 East 59th Street
Claud Cecil Gurney founded the company in 1986 following an unsuccessful search for expert artisans to restore antique wallpaper in his family home. De Gournay artisans are experts in the correct choice of decorative detail and color for 18th Century-inspired, hand-painted Chinese wallpapers, as well as fabrics, furniture, mirrors and porcelain.

$45 for members
$20 for American Young Georgians
$55 for non-members
(See Reservation Form for payment options)

Wednesday, April 5
Tour: Conservation Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Time and meeting location to be announced

Fee information to be announced

We have been invited for a rare, behind-the-scenes visit to the Conservation Department at the Met, which will be working on the reinstallation of the British Art Collection. This is an event not to be missed and spaces will be limited!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 6:00 pm
B.J. Rahn: Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown,
Georgian Polymath: Architect, Engineer, Landscape Designer

Lecture and Reception
The Colonial Dames of America, 417 East 61st Street

Responding to the changing taste of the era, between 1751 and 1783 Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown developed a style of landscape design enhancing the innate character of a site, or ‘genius of the place,’ in a manner which combined aesthetic pleasure and agricultural viability. This principle of Design conforming to Nature. rather than being imposed on Nature, was an illusion contrived by Brown's ingenious engineering which redirected water courses, leveled hills or created contours, and moved whole villages to widen a vista or open a prospect. For the ‘improved’ landscape he designed neoclassical architectural follies and sourced classical sculpture to stimulate thought and inspire aesthetic appreciation. Brown transformed the English countryside and so captured the spirit of the age in the nearly 200 properties he ‘improved’ that his fame spread and his style became known as le jardin Anglais. Brown’s three major talents will be discussed in relation to three estates: Croome Park, Corsham Court, and Claremont.

After receiving a Ph.D. at Columbia University, Professor B. J. Rahn, joined the English Department at Hunter College in New York, where she taught, researched, and wrote about 18th century literature and culture for three decades. Long an admirer of British landscape gardens, she celebrated Lancelot 'Capability’ Brown’s the tri-centenary in 2016 by visiting his home in the Manor of Fenstanton in Cambridgeshire, touring nine estates with landscapes designed by Brown, and attending a conference sponsored by the Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust.

$45 for members
$20 for American Young Georgians
$55 for non-members
(See Reservation Form for payment options)

Saturday, June 3

8:00 am pick-up at Park Avenue and 72nd Street

Join us for a trip to Millbrook where we will be seeing 4 houses we have not previously visited, including Lithgow, as well as enjoying a lunch at a special local venue.

$195 per person
(See Reservation Form for payment options)

Coming Soon

Don’t forget our annual trip to the UK! We’re planning for Scotland in October and we’ll share details early.
The 2016 tour sold out by March and we’re limited to 30 spaces. They go quickly!

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