Photos, from top: Euston Hall, Houghton, Castle Howard, Corsham Court.
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2014 Calendar of Events



Wednesday, December 3, 2014, 6:008:00
The George F. Baker House
67 East 93rd Street
New York City

From Folly to Kennel: Georgian Extravagance, Georgian Whimsy
Distinguished Speaker
Madison Spencer


$45 per person for AFGG members;
$20 for American Young Georgians

Architect Madison Spencer will give us a light entertainment showing some of the more creative and extravagant examples of eighteenth-century Georgian architecture. Included will be a number of eye-catching follies, gatehouses, kennels, and architectonic cottages.

Reid Madison Spencer has practiced architecture for a little over twenty-five years out of offices in New York, Charlottesville, Virginia, and Newport, Rhode Island. His interest in furniture and garden design has influenced his work considerably, as evidenced by collaborations with the likes of the world-renowned Ralph O. Harvard. He resides primarily in Charlottesville by the old Farmington Country Club in a renovated wreck of questionable vintage. Spencer has served on the board of the Department of Historic Resources for the Commonwealth of Virginia and of various preservation organizations; he remains a member of the INTBAU College of Traditional Practitioners based in London.




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